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Re: Allosaur Lair or Wyoming Raptor?

At 07:08 AM 4/15/99 -0800, Dane C. wrote:
>In viewing two different Discovery Channel Dino programs a question arose.
>In "Prehistoric Predators" we see  Bakker in Nail Quarry uncovering a
>Allosaur lair with baby and proof of "dino family values", then in an
>episode of "Paleoworld" we see Bakker in Nail Quarry exclaim there is one
>and only one meat eater in this area, Wyoming Raptor. And again the site
>has a baby and proof of "dino family values". So who lived in Nail Quarry
>Allosaur or this Raptor?

"Wyomingraptor" is Bakker's as-yet-still-unofficial name of his new allosaur
genus from Nail.  (As Bakker has something (?!?) of a splitter's reputation,
many people suspect that "Wyomingraptor" may simply represent _Allosaurus_,
but I'll wait to see the paper first).

So, it is an allosaur, and it is a "raptor" (in the very broadest sense of
the word).  It is NOT a dromaeosaur (as I had to explain to the Paleoworld
crew: however, since they had the footage...).

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