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RE: Allosaur lair at Como Bluff?

On Thursday, April 15, 1999 3:32 PM, 102354.2222   
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> Bakker has published this, years ago:
> Bakker, R.T.  1996.  The real Jurassic Park:  dinosaurs and habitats at
> Como Bluff, Wyoming, pp. 35-49 _in_ Morales, M.  _The Continental
> Jurassic_, Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin 60.  Flagstaff:  Museum   
> Northern Arizona.

I suspected it might be something from a few years back: most of the   
stuff you see on TV here on Discovery or on the NGC is by the time the   
info has seeped into such TV documentaries and it's shown here in Europe.   
Both generally take some time.

> Many of Bakker's taphonomic (and stratigraphic) conclusions are,   
> to most, suspect,

Based on what I read on this list I often have that impression myself,   
which is partly why I asked here. But based on what was shown and told by   
Bakker in the program I thought it really sounded at least very possible   
and maybe even obvious. And it does open new (?) possibilities for   
Jurassic scenes to gaze at in your imagination (at least to me it did,   
not having heard of it before), or at least some kind of proof that this   
actually took place. And proof or at least indications of behaviours are   
always very interesting.

Thanks for the info.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Jarno Peschier

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