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Re: Help on specimems at Palaeontologic Museum Oslo

DinosØMP wrote:
>Are there any names given to the vertebrae which has been called "Hadrosaurus
>indet." from Uzbekistan?
        I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to, mostly because I
haven't got my references organized sufficiently (and many of the relevant
ones are in Russian, moving htem to the bottom of the stack). However, as a
general rule, hadrosaur vertebrae are not considered distinct enough to
support generic identification. In some cases a partial spine with complete
neural arches (and centra, of course) might be referrable to an established
genus or might even be nameable (e.g. _Barsboldia_, which also had a pelvis,
but which is perhaps a questionable genus anyway...).

Jaime A. Headden:
>  I do beleive *Arstanosaurus kyzylkumensis* (Nessov,
>1998?) (a nomen dubium?) qualifies, from either
>Kazakstan or Uzbekistan (I'm fairly certain it's the
>latter, but am willing to be wrong :) ).
        I have this paper. It is in Russian, but the taxon appears to be
based on a partial maxilla (nice to see someone having the guts to name a
hadrosaur without a complete skull).

>  Anyway, does anyone out there have a fairly
>accessible and relatively English (or Russian) ref for
>the Bissekty, Kyzyl Kum, or Uzbekistan, other than
>Currie, Godfrey, and Nessov (1994)?
        Umm...could you give me the ref. for this paper? I've never heard of

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