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Re: Spinosaur Variation (with new question)

Jaime A. Headden wrote:
> <Does that help at all, Jaime?>
>   Yes, it does. Thanks for not cracking my head open
> with that gavel and all... :) Are there refs out there
> that are likely to have the kind of data I need, or to
> paraphrase Holtz, am I gonna have to "wait"?

        Well, if you give me a few years, I can give you a LOT of data.  
But don't worry, it will start trickling out soon enough...maybe as soon 
as SVP...

>   Speaking of theropod bite actions, and about
> spinosaurs snapping their heads sidewise like crocs
> (who have laterally broad jaws) and spinosaurs being
> relatively weak in that department: Is it more likely
> then that the jaws were equated with backward ripping
> devices, due to the angle of the premaxillary teeth,
> the fit of the lower jaw to the upper in front, and
> the radial arrangement of the anterior lower teeth?
> This goes out to all, by the way.
        Hmmm...not sure.  Everyone is running around calling them fish 
eaters now, so maybe it wasn't that much of an issue...

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