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RE: Need for a good Morphometer

        Jerry Harris wrote:
        "Time and money may also factor in -- how much money is
> involved in setting up a good morphometer?  (Is "morphometer" even a
> word?)
        "So Ralph -- is it possible for me to set up a good morphometer with
> my desktop or laptop computer, or do I need something the size (and cost?)
> of a typical SEM machine?  (I hope not!)  Also, is a suitable
> program/equipment portable?  
I don't do much morphometry in the paleontological sense, but I do
analyse lots of micrographs and have found that if you have
a good rectilinear scanned picture Adobe Photoshop provides
quite a rapid and accurate "morphometer". (I like the word -Thank you
You can take the distances between points by checking pixel coordinates.

-Gus Derkits