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Cold-blooded dinosaurs (revisited)

Hi Barbara

I re-read my previous post to you and decided that it might have been a bit
cryptic (was in a rush). Basically, Ruben and colleagues suggest that
Skippy was probably cold-blooded in the sense of having a low resting
metabolic rate. However, the piston diaphragm may indicate that it was able
to elevate its metabolic rate substantially to fuel the sort of high
activity levels typical, perhaps, of mammals. In other words, Skippy might
have rested like a (big) lizard, but run like a (small) gazelle. The
problems with this idea are in the previous post.

So was Skippy warm-blooded? I'm afraid that Ruben's idea just highlights
the fact that "warm-blooded" is an inadequate term (although personally I
would hate to see it abandoned for mammals and birds).

Best Wishes