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RE: Allosaur Lair at Como Bluff?

Title: RE: Allosaur Lair at Como Bluff?

Message text written by INTERNET:jpeschier@one.ogilvy.nl
>I had not hear anything about this previously. What further information  
is available about this site, the remains found there and the above  
interpretation? Has anything about this been published? If have missed a  
bit of info because I've been unsubscibed for some time, so this might  
have been on the list already. Any information about this is welcome.<

Jerry D. Harris wrote:
>Bakker has published this, years ago:

Bakker, R.T.  1996.  The real Jurassic Park:  dinosaurs and habitats at
Como Bluff, Wyoming, pp. 35-49 _in_ Morales, M.  _The Continental
Jurassic_, Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin 60.  Flagstaff:  Museum of
Northern Arizona.<

Another reference to the Allosaur lair at the nail quarry site and a few others can be found in:

Robert T. Bakker.  Raptor Family Values: Allosaur Parents Brought Giant Carcasses into their Lair to Feed Their Young,  pp 51-63, in_Dinofest International,_Proceedings of a Symposium sponsored by Arizona State University,_A Publication of The Academy of Natural Sciences,_1997.

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