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Re: Graduate Programs (fwd)

chris brochu wrote:
> I would also argue that the pattern Joshua Smith has noted - that jobs
> are predominantly held by "Tier 1" schools - is changing.  One should
> compare sources of those *with* jobs with sources of those *getting*
> jobs; i.e., ask around at where people are getting interviews.  Some
> programs not on that list, such as Florida, Brown, and Duke, are sending
> students forth who are getting on short-lists.  
        Yup, Chris is correct, it is changing, but it is going at the 
normal academic pace--glacier speed.  Also, on your list above, two of 
the schools ARE Tier I, and one is Ivy.  It is true that I ignored Brown 
and Duke, which are young programs and largely untested, but also, 
neither they nor Florida are dinosaur powers RIGHT NOW (students getting 
short lists is different than students getting jobs).  Also, concerning 
your points about Austin:  it IS a Tier I geology department, even if the 
paleo weren't strong, and it has a long history of doing geology well to 
sit on.  The pattern is changing, but it still holds.

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