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Re: Gastroliths

At 04:33 PM 4/10/99 -0600, Jonathan R. Wagner wrote:
>Norm King wrote (responding to Stan Friesen):
>>But they confirm what Stan suggested--that much of the Morrison has been
>>affected by pedogenesis.
>        It seems that you can't find a darned variagated mudstone unit that
>doesn't contain paleosols (buried soil horizons, for you strict
>paleobiologists). I'm no expert on the subject, but these darned things seem
>to be everywhere. Bands of mudstone with alternating colors, in-filled
>burrows and caliche nodules are EVERYWHERE.

Well, that seems to be my impression too:-)

It really isn't that surprising if one takes a moment to think about.

[What surprises *me* is the number of papers that try to interpret the
variously colored layers as evidence of different depositional environments
- instead of pedogenesis].

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