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Re: Bird vs. theropod dinosaur tracks/trackways

At 07:55 PM 4/11/99 -0600, Darren Tanke wrote:
> Birds and theropods are widely accepted as being very closely related yet,
>by the middle Cretaceous, birds were already walking like birds today, and
>unlike their theropod relatives. Which raised some questions at the talk and
>subsequently, for which I could not get clear answers. So, I thought I'd
>raise them here for discussion.
> 1). Why do birds "waddle" (and thus turn their toes inwards) and theropods
>apparently did not (as manifested by the trackway evidence)? ...

A guess: birds have a wider "carriage" due to adaptation for perching?

[Perching having different requirements than merely climbing trees].

> 2). What skeletal or other morphological feature(s) cause a bird to walk
>pigeon-toed and theropods not?

A wider pelvis??

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