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What is Wyoming Raptor

Acording to the wonderful people at the Tate Museum (Who I'm endlessly 
anoying via the mericle of modern technology),
Wyoming Raptor is an Allosaur. It's Bakker's nickname of the animal(s) 
he found, which is currently being prepped. Not much of the animal's 
been finished getting prepped yet, because they don't have that many 
people at the museum to work on it., nor the space. Everyone there's 
working on the apatosaur/brontosaurs still, and there's not enough 
room to work on everything at once. I do belive they have several 
bones stored somewhere for safekeeping, but haven't seen that place.
Okie, I'll stop here before I go on babbling endlessly about the 

hope this helps.

Jessica Wagar 
Amateur Paleontologist/Paleoartist 
(And official anoyance of the Tate Museum, though Im no where near 
"My room  is full of dinosaurs, as far as I can see, 
There's spinosaurs, and tarbosaurs,as pretty as can be. 
There's duck-bills, croc-jaws, and other fearsome freaks, 
Some are covered in scales, feathers or have beaks. 
My room is full of dinosaurs, just as stuffed as can be-- 
there's only one problem...there's no room left for me!" 
Poem by ME!(j. wagar) 

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