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Re: Paleontology Field Program-MOR

"In 1978 Dr. Jack Horner, the Museum's Curator of Paleontology, discovered
the remains of dinosaur nesting colonies in this area. Fossil finds included
dinosaur eggs,
embryos, nests of several species, and a massive bone-bed of Maiasaura
peeblesorum fossils which have revealed very significant information about
dinosaur behavior and physiology."  

I could not pass this one up... reason being is that Horner did not find the
Maiasaura peeblesorum.  Laurie Trexler found the Maiasaura, and Marion
Brandvold found the eggs.  Jack merely dug and described them. Dave Trexler
did his Masters thesis on the Maisaurus at the U of Calgary, it is more
complete then Horners description. There is alot more that goes with the
"Maisaura Mayhem".  But I will leave it at that.


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