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My name is Joseph and I am a writer-in-training and have been given a summer 
writing project for my Honors English class.  I have to write an original 
Science Fiction short story and want to incorporate my love of dinos into the 
story.  I lurk on the list to keep current with the latest info on them.  My 
question: how far may I go in using the ideas I read on the Dino-List before 
I step over the line and begin taking others' ideas as my own?  I have been 
given no guidelines and this is my first attempt at writing something other 
than research papers and essays.

Lately, I have concentrated on writing persuasive essays and used what I 
learned Friday, when on a field trip to Kansas City to immerse ourselves in 
French culture, I persuaded 2 bus loads of mostly girls plus my French 
teacher that we really needed to see the Russian Dinos.  And we did go!!!  
They were way cool!!!