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In reading Chris B's Deinosuchus paper in Nature, I noticed what a fantastic
specimen that _D_ skull is!  Made me wish I was some kind of model
maker/seller - I'm sure that if you cast those lifesize in almost any
material - or even made them out of papier mache, you could get $2,000 -
$3,000 (+ p&p) for them, and sell loads.  And of course crocs are very
allegorical, so big companies/lovable captains of industry might snap them

(Also looked for Chris himself standing behind the skull - couldn't see a
stocky, pleasant-looking chap with straight, light brown, slightly thinning
hair.  Actually he wasn't in the picture at all, so we may never know what
he looks like!)

If that characteristic kinked snout (we're back to _D_ again now) was a
piscivorous feature - they must have been very big pisces for it to be
retained in _D_!

One last thing I didn't quite say about Suchomimus and that I've only just
realised is that the hand/claw might have been necessary for prey
dismemberment not just because flicking might have been problematic, but the
other alternative of standing on the prey (as salmon-eating bears do) would
also be extremely unsuitable if you were up to your knees in water.  (Maybe
this was obvious to you lot but as I say I've only just realised it.)