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Re: (no subject)

MHALLECOOK@aol.com wrote
>My name is Joseph and I am a writer-in-training and have been given a summer 
>writing project for my Honors English class.  I have to write an original 
>Science Fiction short story and want to incorporate my love of dinos into the 
>story.  I lurk on the list to keep current with the latest info on them.  My 
>question: how far may I go in using the ideas I read on the Dino-List before 
>I step over the line and begin taking others' ideas as my own?  I have been 
>given no guidelines and this is my first attempt at writing something other 
>than research papers and essays.

Ideas can be neither patented nor copyrighted. So you are free to use them.
However, it is nice to give credit where it is due either as part of your story 
separately at the end as acknowledgement.

If however, you use (copy) anything written by someone else in any media,
except for short quotations with citation, you could be held for plagiarism.

Gautam Majumdar                 gautam@majumdar.demon.co.uk