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Re: [science or non-science?]

Kendall Clements <k.clements@auckland.ac.nz> wrote:
> I was going to write in and make the comment that lamniform sharks were 
> not ectotherms (lamnids ARE endotherms - see Block, B.A. and J.R. 
> Finnerty 1994 Endothermy in fishes: a phylogenetic analysis of 
> constraints, predispositions, and selection pressures. Env. Biol. 
> Fish. 40: 283-302), as suggested in one submission, but I relented. 


Ah, but you did eventually mention it. 

Laminforms are endotherms for the same reason that leatherbacks are
endotherms. They're big, bulky and swim alot. They are functionally

In my original reply, I meant to use ectotherm in place of cold-blooded. All
my examples were of functionally endothermic animals (insects, varanids, them
lamniform fishies). I was just trying to show that you can be active and still
be "cold-blooded."

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