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Re: Forget my last post.

>I know
>many stories novels and other fictional literature is out there about
>the dinos of the Maastrichtian,

To both our friends writing stories: 

1. I second everything everyone has written you. Good advice!

2. If people want to learn about "the dinos of the M." they will seek out 
NON fiction. If they have come to your work, labeled "story," they expect 
a "story." Write the story first. 
Think of the "facts" about dinos in a STORY as no more than what writers 
call "the nuts and bolts." Make them up in your first draft! Just try to 
tell a good story. Plug in real "facts" (try and find some!) later. If 
they don't fit, either rewrite, toss out the scene, or claim poetic 
license and toss out the "fact." I try for #1 and #2 myself. 

3. For now, stop researching.  Write the story first! If you get into any 
of the excellent resources available through this list before writing you 
will be so overwhelmed you won't write.  

4. Research is a great way to avoid writing. Why do you think I'm here?  
Let's all of us so-called story writers get off the web right now and 

Best of luck, 
George Leonard

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