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All you fiction writers

     Every bit of fiction writing has to be based on realistic (believable)
principles. Following theories being proposed by prominent paleontologists
would therefor be a neccessity. I`m not sure where you can draw the line at
"plagerism", since most ideas have been mentioned by other people in the
past century, before many of these "newer" paleontologists were born,
although more details are now coming to light. I would just try to avoid
slandering anyones readily identifiable personalities, if possible.
Above all, reasearch your subject thoroughly, because if you publish any
little mistake, you`re going to get a lot of mail from the "dino-public",
letting you know where you`re wrong! Of this I`ve been told by my cousin
Nelson DeMille (whose "pulp fiction" you may have noticed at the grocery
checkout). Like in many fields, there`s a lot of wanna be writers not all of
whom will make it big, but I wouldn`t let that stop you from trying.
     I also think it`s a good way to get people, (young people especially),
interested in paleontology. I emember wanting to become a scientist myself
while reading H.G Wells, or Jules Verne (well.....the comic book version
anyway). I even thought of writing a bit of fiction myself, based on my
"Pterosaur" theory, and wondered...if peers would think less of the idea
because it was involved in a fictional setting. (then again,it`s so off the
mainstream of thought, maybe it wouldn`t much matter......8^).
     My word to you future science "fiction" writers....Go for it!