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dinosaur paleo in Science Fiction

Given the recent talks about dinosaurs and paleontology in science fiction:
there is, of course, a long tradition of dinosaur paleontology in science
fiction stories (Sir Arthur Conan Doyles "The Lost World", the Pellucidar
stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs, "Gun for Dinosaur" and sequels by L.
Sprauge de Camp, etc.)

However, there is also a tradition of dinosaur paleontoloGISTS in science
fiction: Russian paleontologist & taphonomist Efremov was also an SF writer,
Jim Farlow published some short stories in Analog (I think) early in his
career, lots of us are major fans of the stuff.  Mike Brett-Surman shows up
in Dinotopia II.  I even had a dinosaur species (_Borogrovia holtzi_) named
after me in a recent Steve Dedman short story (I had helped Dedman as a
consultant for his dinosaur role-playing game supplement).

Not just dino-folks, either.  The list's (and New Scientists...) own Jeff
Hecht recently had a paleo-related short story in Isaac Asimov's SF
Magazine, concerning the trace fossil _Climactichnites_ (among other things).

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