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Re: Leviathans

chris brochu wrote:

> Uh... to quote the great Wann Langston,

Italics mine.  Now that's an opinion I'm willing to second.  Wann is something
else. When he talks, its worth hanging onto every word.

> Not sure I would describe myself as stocky or with thinning hair, but
> perhaps others would.

I thought Chris looked young and thin with a full head of hair, but then -- at 
age, everyone looks that way.

P.S. to anyone who's interested or has an opinion.  On another subject, I've
noticed three pupil shapes in the eyes of modern reptiles.  Round, slit like a
cat's, and a horizontal slit with rounded ends like a cow.  What are the 
advantages and disadvantages for each shape?  I'm piddlin' around with a replica
of Qsp and need to pick a pupil type.  I realize how speculative any choice 
be, but would welcome input from others more knowledgeable in this area (a group
that includes pretty much anyone who reads this message).  Qsp's eyes were 
well aft and low in the skull, but there's not much info extant on the shape of
the orbit, and no sclerotic rings survive.  No conclusions of any sort depend on
the shape of the pupil, but it might be easier for a small TV camera to shoot
through a round one.