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Re: Dinosaur TV Week

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From: Larry Dunn
>Saturday, April 24
>TBS, 2:20am (late night Friday to some)
>The only movie with claymation figures that Pauline
>Kael ever reviewed positively.  I'm not kidding.
>Goofy fun with Ringo and Barbara as cavemen ...
>cavepeople ...living out every ridiculous
>misconception about early man and creating a few of
>their own in the process.

    Ringo (Starr - of course), and Barbara (Bach) are the major stars of
this film.
When it came out (I saw it at the theatre), Ringo and John Matuszak were the
featured draws - along with Barbara.

    By the time it got to video, the featured stars were Ringo and Barbara,
and Dennis Quaid,
and Shelley Long (I believe Matuszak had died, and was no longer known by
the majority of
the public).  Other people of note in the film: Jack Gilford, Avery
Schreiber, and even Richard Moll.
(Also music by Lalo Schifrin - of the original Mission:Impossible theme).

    The movie is still very funny, and contains one killer scene that my
wife still thinks is
hysterically funny - where Ringo ["Atouck"] kills a mosquito on Dennis'
["Lar"] face.

    Allan Edels