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Re: Exposition

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<< HItchhiker's Guide  - on the other hand, is supposed to be funny, and
 therefore, he (Douglas Adams) can get away with annoying or pendantic
 things.  (Also, the major narrative is really the Guide itself, and on
 occasion, Arthur can ask questions of the guide). >>

Wives' admiration of husbands is legendary, like Nessie, with spottings as 
Using a book for exposition is much more common, allowing the author the 
book's voice in addition to a narrator's.  Another advantage is the 
characters have to struggle to find the book/read the exposition.  If a few 
minor characters have been eliminated in the search for the back story, the 
reader is unlikely to notice the paragraphs getting longer and themes from 
the narrative repeated.
When the technique fails, the resemblance to discovery of an overdue library 
book is uncanny.