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Dinosaur Art & Q's

I was wondering...
Is there a Paleoartists' asociation or any groups for people who 
draw/paint/create art of prehistoric life?
Also, were there any Paleontologists in Time Magazine's issue on top 
100 scientists? I saw the one people who worked in africa w/ the 
prehistoric humans,...but no dinosaur-people...
Or if they were in the issue, where were they?!?!?!
Is it just me or does Paleontology, and Dinosaurs get downplayed 
greatly by the media,etc?

Jessica Wagar 
Amateur Paleontologist/Paleoartist 
"My room  is full of dinosaurs, as far as I can see, 
There's spinosaurs, and tarbosaurs,as pretty as can be. 
There's duck-bills, croc-jaws, and other fearsome freaks, 
Some are covered in scales, feathers or have beaks. 
My room is full of dinosaurs, just as stuffed as can be-- 
there's only one problem...there's no room left for me!" 
Poem by ME!(j. wagar) 

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