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RE: Dinosaur Art & Q's

Dear Mike and GOBI 2010:  You're both right.  Dinosaurs get a lot of play in
the press, out of all proportion to their practical or theoretical
importance to science.  But they also get a lot of disrespect and
condescension.  They are a metaphor for obsolescence, failure, stupidity,
slowness, etc.  Makes you think, doesn't it?  Tom Mitchell

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On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, GOBI 2010 wrote:

> Is it just me or does Paleontology, and Dinosaurs get downplayed
> greatly by the media,etc?

Dinosaurs *downplayed* by the media???? What alternate universe is this
e-mail coming from? (I'm glad I don't live there. :)

One out of the top 100 scientists being a paleontologist sounds about
right to me. That you would think otherwise is probably *because*
paleontology *does* get more than its fair share of media attention,
creating the perception that it is a larger field than it is.


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