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If you have a real player plug-in for your browser you
can listen to the Earth & Sky presentation of Dinosaurs
in Alaska. Last summer well-preserved dinosaur
trackways along the Coleville River, in Alaska. Some
four-toed tracks were made by plant-eating dinosaurs
that walked on all fours.  The clearest of these prints
shows the pebbly texture of the skin on the dinosaur's

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news1n.html 
to learn more. 


At the talkorigins.org website you can learn more about
dinosaur tracks found in Cretaceous coal seams.  This
particular on-line article documents and maps tracks
found in the late Cretaceous rocks of the Blackhawk
Formation, near Price, Utah.  The seam also contains
coalified tree stumps, logs, and peat.

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news3n.html 
to learn more.