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RE: Dinosaur Art & Q's

Dear Raymond:  Which part gets you worked up?  The condescension toward
dinosaurs or being made to think about why they are simultaneously
aggrandized and belittled?  Instead of trying to censor people's use of
metaphor, why not try to understand it?  Face it, friends:  dinosaurs are
BOTH scientific objects and cultural symbols.  You can try to separate these
issues, but they keep coming back to haunt us.  I notice, Raymond, that your
"feathers" are "ruffled" by this idea.  Should I tell you to stop comparing
yourself to a bird, or ask you why this metaphor seems to come naturally?
Isn't it because our relationship to animals (including dinosaurs) is never
just purely scientific, but always has some emotional or symbolic component.
That's why we are so fascinated with them.  Tom Mitchell

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>Tom Mitchell says:
>But they also get a lot of disrespect and
>condescension.  They are a metaphor for obsolescence, failure, stupidity,
>slowness, etc.  Makes you think, doesn't it?

>Raymond Ancog says:
>This last part really gets me worked up because I always remind people not
>to use "dinosaur" as such a metaphor.

Failure? hmmm... I guess that ruffles my feathers as well. Mankind may have
progressed (seemingly) to a more advanced state. But will our race survive
as long as they did?

Dane C.