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RE: Dinosaur Art & Q's

At 10:25 AM 4/21/99 -0400, Tom Mitchell wrote:
>Dear Raymond:  Which part gets you worked up?  The condescension toward
>dinosaurs or being made to think about why they are simultaneously
>aggrandized and belittled?  Instead of trying to censor people's use of
>metaphor, why not try to understand it?

It was my impression that the objection wasn't over the use of dinosaurs as
a metaphor, but rather the use of dinosaurs for that *particular* metaphor
(outdatedness, uselessness, etc.) (much the way ichthyosaurs, dodos, and so
forth were used pre-Crystal Palace).

>I notice, Raymond, that your
>"feathers" are "ruffled" by this idea.  Should I tell you to stop comparing
>yourself to a bird, or ask you why this metaphor seems to come naturally?

A) I think that it was Dane C. who used that metaphor, not Raymond.  Also, I
was under the impression that the use of that particular metaphor was to
contradict the idea of dinosaurs as failures: after all, the reason we HAVE
a metaphor "ruffles my feathers" is due to the massive survivorship of
Dinosauria into modern times!!  (Dane, if that wasn't you intention, I
apologize.  Whether intended or not, it does counter the metaphorical
version of "dinosaurs" quite nicely).

>Failure? hmmm... I guess that ruffles my feathers as well. Mankind may have
>progressed (seemingly) to a more advanced state. But will our race survive
>as long as they did?
>Dane C.

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