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Re: Pterosaur membrane fibres

I believe those fibers you are finding are fibers found in the fins of
other fish, and since the 'wings' of rays are modified fins these may be
similar in function to James's stress area reinforcement, since water
has to pass over the same areas during locomotion in much the same
manner as air and true wings.

I will try to dig up my book JURASSIC FISHES which covers the aquarium
raising of modern survivors of these fish inclusing freshwater rays and
skates, which might mention their function.

You might also try looking here for further refs:
which is an on-going study of the locomotion of swimming.

-Betty Cunningham

Martin Human wrote:
> While eating a fish dish lovingly prepared by my sister (Skate with
> capers, yum!) I noticed that the "wings" of the skate (or ray, I only
> have a cook book to guide me as to identification) contain long,
> semi-articulated "fingers" of cartilagenous material. Are these a
> suitable analogy for the membrane fibres of certain pterosaurs (again, I
> don't have any ref books, all in store)?
> (Makes me wonder what "ptero wings in caper sauce" would be like...)


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