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RE: Bird vs. theropod dinosaur tracks/trackways

>I wrote:
>       <SNIP>
>        And theropods had long legs.  
>       And that's where I get stuck.  Muscle scars on T.rex femurs 
>       heavy muscle mass.  Perhaps for some reason there was a 
split, one 
>       group of birds gets the long legs, and another gets the 
strong ones.
>       Someone help me out, I'm dying here.  :)
>       Jason 
>       _@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Dwight wrote:
To me, the implied leg
>morphology of the Tyrannosaurus
>       rex looks like a sprinter.
>       Dwight


As it does to me, just one element suggesting it was a predator 
(grabbing that occational already dead dino if it happened upon 
*I'm trying very hard not to get into that controvery*
Ever see a shore bird run?  They don't hop, as most birds do.  They 
have one heck of a stride, and they're pretty quick as well.  That 
requires a different bone and muscle structure.  I'm no expert on 
avian anatomy, heck, I hardly have any actual knowledge of bone 
structure, but from observing them, it would seem that the hip socket 
is set up different.  
I'll try to dig something up (no pun intended), but can someone with 
more knowledge shed more light on the differing anatomy of birds?


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