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Lurdusaurus reference

Finally received a copy of the initial (but all too brief) description of the 
Gadoufaoua iguanodontid Lurdusaurus arenatus:

Taquet, P. & Russell, D. A., 1999. "A massively-constructed iguanodont from 
Gadoufaoua, Lower Cretaceous of Niger," Annales du Paleontologie 85(1): 85-96.

Abstract: A ponderously constructed ornithischian dinosaur, Lurdusaurus 
arenatus, nov. g., nov. sp., from the Aptian of Niger resembles extinct giant 
ground sloths in general body form. Details of its skeletal anatomy indicate 
a close affinity to European iguanodontids of Early Cretaceous age.

Family Iguanodontidae

Origin of name: lurdus, Latin for "heavy, both in weight and significance"
arenatus, Latin for "sandy"

Type specimen: MNHN GDF 1700, nearly complete skeleton (but much of skull is 

Formerly known as Gravisaurus tenerensis; contemporary of Ouranosaurus.