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re: Pterosaur membrane fibres

>Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 12:15:16 +0100
From: Martin Human <cockatoo@csi.com>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Pterosaur membrane fibres
Message-ID: <371DB344.F2D279F6@csi.com>


While eating a fish dish lovingly prepared by my sister (Skate with
capers, yum!) I noticed that the "wings" of the skate (or ray, I only
have a cook book to guide me as to identification) contain long,
semi-articulated "fingers" of cartilagenous material. Are these a
suitable analogy for the membrane fibres of certain pterosaurs (again, I
don't have any ref books, all in store)?<

Martin...There`s a very good reference book on the basics of pterosaur
anatomy and possible lifestyle authored by Peter Wellnhofer, and profusely
illustrated by John Sibbick. Titled "An illustrated encyclopedia of
Pterosaurs" or (by another publisher) "Prehistoric Flying Reptiles". Same
book , out of print, but not hard to come by (search bibliofind). Some good
picts of 'actinofibrils". described as "...only 0-.002 in (0-05) thick.
Folding of the wing membrane could only occur parallel to the course in
which the actinofibrils lay."
It`s a very good book, but seems like the only major ref on Pterosaurs
around (in book form). I`ve heard rumor of another book about to be
published by Unwin, called "The Biology of Pterosaurs"...(or something to
that effect). Last I heard, was it`s publishing date was put off till May
1999. Does anyone know anything further about this ????