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Re: "Dinosaurs don't count"

Jessica Wagar wrote:

>I recently got the boo "1001 things everyone should know about 
>science" by James trefil from the library..while browsing through it, 
>I found the dinosaur section...
>and read

>"From the viewpoint of science dinosaurs do not count"...

Ugh. Another case of science, specifically paleontology, being twisted around.

Sadly, it doesn't surprise me anymore whenever cases like these emerge. I
remember last year, when I was interviewed about dinosaurs for a TV
educational show, and they got it wrong! I made it abundantly clear, for
example, that pterosaurs and plesiosaurs were not dinosaurs, and yet they
went ahead and said that they were. I felt embarassed to watch it when it
was broadcast, because I didn't know whether people would attribute those
erroneous statements to me. To top it all off, even after I wrote a letter
reqeusting a follow-up correction, nothing happened. These TV people simply
allowed this mistake to go unnoticed.

Anyway, dinosaurs are very significant - just as other fossil groups are
important, in their own different ways, be it for oil prospecting, tracing
human evolution, or reconstructing paleoenvironments for use in modeling
future developments of our own environment. If some people can't appreciate
that, then it's their loss, not ours, too bad for them.

BTW Jessica, where are you in Michigan? Ann Arbor? I have uncles, and aunt
and cousins in Michigan?

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau