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Re: Pterosaur membrane fibres

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From: Larry Febo <larryf@capital.net>
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 1999 6:53 AM
Subject: re: Pterosaur membrane fibres

> It`s a very good book, but seems like the only major ref on Pterosaurs
> around (in book form). I`ve heard rumor of another book about to be
> published by Unwin, called "The Biology of Pterosaurs"...(or something to
> that effect). Last I heard, was it`s publishing date was put off till May
> 1999. Does anyone know anything further about this ????

-Biology of Pterosaurs
-Unwin, David

-Our Price: $64.50
-This book will be available May 1st, place your advance order now and we
will ship it -when it arrives!
-Format: Paperback
-ISBN: 0412390507
-Publisher: Chapman & Hall
-Pub. Date: May  1999

-Barnes & Noble

Found this on their site