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Re: <Autofrwd>DINOSAUR digest 996

In a message dated 4/22/99 8:31:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
cockatoo@csi.com writes:
>  Nearly at the DINOSAUR digest "1000" mark. Are we planning a 
>  celebration for this great millenium event, or will we be hit by the 
>  D1K bug and all become extinct?

We thank Martin for his D1K awareness post.  Since this situation has 
millennial ramifications for the survival of the dino list, I am appointing 
Harris as Chief Preparator for the D1K plan.

However, the most immediate alert for preventing the metastasis and 
indigestion of the list into "The Last Dinosaur Post" is that should you 
receive an e-mail purportedly from Mickey, with an attachment which reads
"Here is the fossil you have been looking for," don't open it.