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Re: "Dinosaurs don't count"

Tracy, tlford@ix.netcom.com wrote:
>What about all those specimens that the oil companys have that the
>public and scientist will never see? I was talking to some one who at
>one time did work for an oil company and was privey to the material. He
>said it'll never go public because some of the material, was, taken,
>pick up, not quite legally, to put it bluntly. I would hope that they
>would open up the 'vaults' for the scientific community to look at.

We really don't have much except microfossils, forams and nannofossils
now, warehouses full of them.  I hope that when we are through with
them thir distribution is handled properly.  I hope that I set a
precedent in this compant in 1993.  At that time our last palynologist
"retired".  I arranged to have all our paly samples, data, lab and prep
equipment, microscopes, and library donated to John Wren's Center For
Excellence in Palynology over at LSU.  I worry about the eventual
disposal of the material from the other diciplines if and when we also
become extinct within the company.  It isn't that the company will have
any secrecy policy, it is just that nobody will be around that has any
idea what this stuff is.  Major oil companies are huge bureaucracies,
like governments.  My fear is that everything will be packed labeled
and stored forever, like the lost ark.
As for the legality.  Everything we have came from leases licenced by
the MMS. All above board here.
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