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NDAS-symposium topics

Just a quick over view of what happened during the 91st annual meeting of
the North Dakota Academy of Science, in Grand Forks ND.  

Thursday the main symposioum that was being held was the Red River Basin
Flooding.  Along with the undergraduate and graduate denision competition.
Biosystems modeling was in the afternoon. 
 I attended the undergraduate competition, missed the one graduate
presentation.  Their were some good presentions that were held, none really
pertained to dinosaurs, paleontology or geology.  But one was close;
"Developing and Using Phylogenies: An Example Using DNA Sequences and
Blackbirds."  Presented by Ryan G. Kavlie of UND, with help or conjuction
with Colin R. Hughes of U of Miami.
In part of the afternoon I wandered over to the flood symposium, when the
went over climatic factors.  

Allan Ashworth of NDSU, went over "Paleoclimatalogy-North Dakota Prairie
Pothole Region." 

Will Gosnold-UND "Estimating Flood Recurrance:Climate and Geologic Record."
>From his introduction, which explains part of it.  "Comparison of flood
gauge data to climate data suggests that floods recurrance on the Red River
is intricately related to climate change and recent climate changes adds
uncertainty to our attempts to estimate flood recurrance."

Later that evening banquet speaker Dr. David Krause, of State Univeristy of
New York at Stony Brook, "Madagascar's buried treasure: Spectacular new
fossils of dinosaurs and other land animals."  A very well done talk.  Among
some of the people that went on those expedtions are Peter Dodson, Cathy
Forester, Ray Rogers, of course David Krause.  Not only are the taking the
fossils, but they will return them later to Madagascar.  They are also
giving back to the village that helped them out.  They raised money to pay
for a teacher for one year.  Also money for a  school house.  Also recieved
items from New York schools that were going to be thrown away such as,
alphabets, posters and the likes for the school.  And the display in New
York... of the fossils that were found in Madagascar are going to help fund
the school.  I not sure of the dates when it is, I think sometime between
now and the first or second week in May.  Yes, I know probally doesnt give
much help, to when it is up.

Friday... Main Symposium topics was: Paleontology and Geology which was all
day.  Others include; Science Education reform, Professional Communications,
and the Feedlot Symposium in the afternoon.

Paleo and Geo... I will go through this quickly and let you know who was
there and what they did.

Joseph Hartman,UND- "Paleontology in North Dakota and Its Value in Science

Clarence Carlson,-ND Industrial Commission Oil and Gas Division- 
"Bedrock highlights of North Dakota."

John Hoganson- ND Geological Survey-"Plioplatecarpus(Reptilia, Mosasauridae)
and Associated Vertabrate and Invertabrate Fossils from the Pierre Shale
(Campanian), Cooperstown Site, Griggs County, North Dakota."

J. Mark Erickson- St.Lawrence University " The Dakota Isthmus- Closing the
Late Creataceous Seaway."

Dean Pearson-Pioneer Trails Museum, Bowman ND. "Partnership for
Productivity-Collaborative Efforts Among Amateurs and Academia."

Kirk Johnson- Denver M of NH "Plants and the K/T Boundary- Fossils Evidence
for Ecosystem Devastation and Recovery."

John Hunter- New York College of Osteopathic Medicine "The Radiation of
Paleocene Mammals with the Demise of the Dinosaurs- Evidence from South
Western North Dakota."

Timothy Kroeger- Bemidji State University "The Seas Came in and the Seas
went out- The Use fo Fossil Pollen, Spores and Algal Bodies to Recognize
Ancient Enviroments in the Ludlow and Cannonball Formations (Paleocene) of
Western North Dakota."

Allen Kihm- Minot State University "Resolving the Age Relations of North
Dakota Paleocene and Eocene Strata Using Fossil Mammals."

Nels Forsman- UND "Volcanism in North Dakota- The Sentinal Buff Butte

Joseph Hartman- UND "Western Exploration Along the Missouri River and First
Paleontological Studies in the Williston Basin, North Dakota and Montana."

Kirk Johnson-  DMNH "The Reconstruction of Ancient Landscapes- An Example
from the Late Creatacous of North Dakota."

Terry Rowland- Coteau Properties Company  "What is Solid, Black and Worth
$1.3 Billion to the North Dakota Economy?"

Kathy Neset- Neset Consulting Service "The Well Site Geologist's Role in
Horizantal Drilling."

Allan Ashworth- UND  "Climate Change in North Dakota Since the Last
Glaciation- Review of the Paleonotlogical Record."

This was all taken from the proceedings, I attended most of the geo and
paleo talks.  These can all be found in the NDAS proceedings,  for more
information or a copy of one...you can email Eric Uthus the secretary of
NDAS... at... euthus@und.nodak.edu  I believe that is the correct address.
If not yell at me and I will get the right one to you.  And if you hadnt
noticed, the whole symposium more or less revolved around North Dakota,
which is normal for this state.  Ok its not really...well.  But next year
there is a regional one in Moorhead MN,  With the ND, SD, and MN Academies
of Science being present.  And hopefully I will be there presenting for
Undergrad, denison compition. At least that is the plan right now. Now that
I clogged up your email account with this. I am done finally.  

Mr. K.Wicks
Dickinson State University -ND
Dept of Natural Sciences- Biology

North Dakota Academy of Science- s.member
Society of Vertabrate Paleontology-s.member
Dakota Dinosaur Museum-member
Timescale Adventures-member/internship

Paleo Mont Research

Paleo Mont Park

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldnt be called research, would it?" A.

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