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Re: Theropod "migrations"

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Subject: Re: Theropod "migrations"

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> Subject: Theropod "migrations"
> >Here`s a problem. Just read Don Lessem`s book "Dinosaurs Rediscovered".
> >251-255 discuss Curries work in China and the subject of dinosaur
> >migrations. It is noted how the late Cretaceous herbivorous species seem
> >quite different between Asia and North America, wheras the Carnivorous
> >variety were "more alike across continents" .
> Not quite so. What about hadrosaurs (Saurolophus), ankylosaurs and
> pachycephalosaurs?

I`m just reiterating what I`ve heard from two sources Currie and
Sereno,....oops three (Holtz just acknowledged this "pattern" in his reply
to this same post)