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Camel migrations (off topic but short)

On Fri, 23 Apr 1999, Larry Febo wrote:

> OK. (Now I wish I knew more about Tertiary faunas) . I can see where Canids
> and Felids could have crossed at the Bering land bridge. But didn`t also
> many herbivores?? Like horses from N America to asia, and Camels (llamas) in
> the other direction. 

Slight correction:
Camels evolved in North America and crossed land bridges both to the west,
into Asia, and to the south, into South America.

I guess the same must have happened with tapirs and alligators, though
these warm-weather-adapted animals seem to me like poor candidates for
dispersal across the Beringian land bridge.

The presence of mammoths and mastodonts in both Eurasia and North America
bolsters Dr. Tom's point, since the mammoths, at least, are known
to have been specialized for cold, tundra environments, which would have
included Beringia.

-Nick P