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Re: "Dinosaurs don't count"

In a message dated 4/24/99 3:55:51 AM EST, gl91bciiLt@earthlink.net writes:

<< Look, I refuse to get into a discussion of Meaning and Value-- 
 that's my Day Job-- but it's hard to imagine an argument proposing that 
 "dinosaurs don't count" which did not also disqualify Monet >>

Exactly so. Not only do dinosaurs not count to the vast majority, neither 
does Monet nor most anything else that might be called "art." This is why 
most artists starve, or do their art in their spare time in between, say, 
fixing mechanical problems of cars. This is no reason to contemn art and 
dinosaurs; it is >good< reason to contemn humanity en masse. But I think this 
discussion is getting far afield from dinosaurs, however, and this will be my 
last post on the subject.