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Re: "Dinosaurs don't count"

><<  A footnote: To show his contempt for airy fantasies, 
> Bentham ordered that, after his death, his body should be stuffed. It 
> was. You may see him in a case, in London to this day, his body now 
> called "The Auto-icon." Poetic justice: Bentham ended up like Sue. >>
>Auto-icon in the sense of autodidact (self-educated), I suppose.  Bentham 
>donated his body for scientific study, as I recall. 

Maybe, but I really meant he's STUFFED, in a glass case at University 
College, London, sitting in a chair wearing his clothes, twisty hands 
like two little stuffed alligators, and a wax head as a concession to 
public squeamishness. "Auto icon" in the sense of "turning oneself into a 
work of art." They take him out and have a banquet with Bentham 
presiding, now and then, just like Anthony Perkins and his Mom at the 
Bates Motel.
 So yes, Jessica, there is a Dinosaur...

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