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Re: Steggie in Cretac/ dinogeorge***!!!use

>The biggest 
>problem with the Indian Dravidosaurus was making the figures in the paper 
>the remains in the photographs, and many subsequent papers on stegosaurians 
>used the figures without questioning them. The taxon was finally removed 
>Stegosauria by Chatterjee and Rudra in a recent paper on the K-T extinction. 

Then I'm screwed, really screwed, and I have to rewrite those damn 
scenes-- heading into 4th draft! 

Anybody can write dinosaur FANTASY and many do. The trick is to set a 
fictional plot there yet not fake the dinosaurs-- but a famous species 
evaporates after three drafts?? 

The Dravidosaur was in every last reference I checked, I banked on it. 
--Do you happen to have the citation for that paper? (I believe you, 
George, but let me read the bad news for myself.)

I wonder if I've set the bar too high for a novelist.

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