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New species of Tarbosaurus? (JOKE! Was:

On Saturday, April 24, 1999 1:31 PM, larryf [SMTP:larryf@capital.net]   
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> >   Tarbosaurus Schmarbotaurus.
> Schmarbotaurus??? (Dosen`t sound Asian....more Middle East? 8^)

Mmm, isn't it customary to write species names with lower case letters?   
And I haven't heard of a _Tarbosaurus schmarbotaurus_ before. Anyone have   
any references? And does anyone have any idea what the Latin or Greek   
root of the schmarbo- prefix means? Or this species named after a person   
or location...? And I'm starting to wonder what the lacrimal horns of   
this "taurus" are like. Sounds very interesting, this species. Very   
interesting indeed....

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Jarno Peschier

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