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Re: Theropod "migrations"

"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." wrote:

> That is the point of the comment "meat is meat": for most carnivores, it
> doesn't matter if it feeds on the meat from a local animal or the meat of
> animal from another part of the world.

This is not really true. Physiologically, sure. Behaviorally, no. Almost all
predators have a "menu" of prey items that they will hunt. Animals that are not
on that list are usually ignored. Sometimes if the predator is in extremis it
may go after something that is not normally a prey item but this is the
exception, not the rule. People are not safe from bears in the woods not because
the bear thinks of us as food, but as competitors. Tigers and lions don't make a
habit of attacking and eating people usually until they are old and unable to
hunt their regular prey and even then it is rare. These are just as examples,
not meant to be an exhaustive defense.
So the point of this is that yes, predators do follow the ranges of their prey
species. but, since they usually have more than one prey species, the predators'
ranges can be bigger than the prey species.

Joe Daniel