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Comments on (dare we say it) Pack hunting assertion?

We received this letter which refers to a television documentary that we
have not seen.

Can anyone comment as to whether this constitutes new evidence for "pack

Also, on a program entitled "Killers Raptors" that aired about a
> month ago
> (and which I taped), there was tons of evidence for Deinonychus to be
> roaming around in packs. The program focused on the skeleton
> paleontologists
> found, a Tenontosaurus, an animal as long as a school bus, and the
> fact that
> it was brought down, not by a single Deinonychus, but a mob of 15 or
> more.
> One of the first clues was the amount of damage, so many huge slash
> wounds
> on every single part of its body there was no way it could have been
> brought
> down by a single predator. This was also the clue which shows that
> the
> carnivores were definitely NOT scavenging. A second clue, which also
> lead to
> the identity of the killers, were the vast amount of teeth, 11 or
> more found
> around the skeleton and imbedded in the bones. It is fairly common
> for a
> carnivore to lose one or two teeth while attacking or feeding, but
> not 11,
> it would be toothless in just a few feedings. So, there must have
> been many
> Deinonychus working together to bring down an animal many times
> larger than
> itself. A third clue, one which I find highly interesting, also
> gives us a
> look at raptor parenting skills. Many adult teeth were found, along
> with
> their marks on the skeleton, but right along side were teeth of
> babies and
> on the skeleton, the groves the teeth would have made as a baby fed.
> This Tenontosaurus has given us much evidence. But an older site
> gives us
> much more. A fossil site was discovered with a Tenontosaurus and
> several
> skeletons (not just bits and pieces) of Deinonychus.

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