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Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs at a "steal" price

For anyone who's interested, the Natural Science Book Club has a heck of a
deal on Currie & Padian's _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_.  If you join up now,
you can get this item, hardback, for just $4.99.  Of course, they charge
you $8.99 for postage and handling, but it still seems like a great deal to
me.  The catch (after all, this IS a book club :-) is that you have to buy
one additional book in the next year to fulfill the membership requirement.
 I just got mine, and plan to spend the better part of next weekend digging
in.  You can get more information by visiting their Web site at:


and clicking the link to the Natural Science Book Club.

--Larry Cunningham
  Long-time lurker and learner (and not affiliated with the NSBC)