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RE: New ankylosaur and nodosaur announced

A related paper from 1997 by Kirkland, Britt, Carpenter, Burge, Cifelli et
al. can be found in entirety at
http://www.dinosaurweb.com/papers/cretaceous/toc.htm. It is called "Lower to
Middle Cretaceous Dinosaur Faunas of the Central Colorado Plateau: A Key to
Understanding 35 Million Years of Tectonics, Sedimentology, Evolution, and

--Thom Holmes

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Subject: New ankylosaur and nodosaur announced

Jim Kirkland's announcement through the Cleveland MNH appeared
on a couple of sites today:

"New Dinosaur Species Identified," by Thomas J. Sheeran, Associated
Press Writer
> CLEVELAND (AP) - Bones found over the past two years have led
> to the identification of two new species of heavily armored dinosaurs
> larger than elephants, a researcher said Monday. <SNIP>

There is slightly more/different information in the press release at

> SOURCE: The Cleveland Museum of Natural History
> Two New Species of North America's Largest Armored Dinosaurs
> Found in Rich New Dinosaur Quarry
> CLEVELAND, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Two new species of what may
> be the largest armored dinosaurs ever found were announced today at
> the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Remains of the giant
> ankylosaurs, each larger than a bull African elephant have recently been
> uncovered during explorations of a huge Utah fossil-bed. The discoveries
> include an ankylosaur, or club-tailed armored dinosaur up to 30 feet long,
> a clubless armored dinosaur or nodosaur over 5 feet long -- at least as
> large as any nodosaur previously known. <SNIP>