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Re: Comments on (dare we say it) Pack hunting assertion?

At 02:55 PM 4/26/99 -0400, DIG wrote:
>We received this letter which refers to a television documentary that we
>have not seen.

You haven't seen it?  This is the Paleoworld episode starring me (okay, in
the last five minutes...)

>Can anyone comment as to whether this constitutes new evidence for "pack

The initial data mentioned represents the Ostrom & Maxwell work, much
discussed already.

>A third clue, one which I find highly interesting, also
>> gives us a
>> look at raptor parenting skills. Many adult teeth were found, along
>> with
>> their marks on the skeleton, but right along side were teeth of
>> babies and
>> on the skeleton, the groves the teeth would have made as a baby fed.

Ugh!!  This is in fact NOT a dromaeosaur site: this was Bakker's
"Wyomingraptor" site (an allosaur, not a dromaeosaur).
Given that this video was shot in the summer 1997, and indeed the Ostrom &
Maxwell paper which forms the basis of most of it was published in Journal
of Vert Paleo back in 1995 (15:707-712), not too much of it was new
evidence, at least to the scientific community.

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