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RE: Farley Mowat - Stating the Obvious


I apologize for jumping into this debate without seeing the original post,
but I would just like to state the obvious in that the acceptance by
Canadians of what Farley had to say should be fair warning to all against
the blind acceptance of anything without the corroboration of independent

In Canada, Farley Mowat is now the object of scorn and ridicule, which is
too bad because he really is a fine writer.  Maybe, at one time he had
something legitimate to say but now who's going to believe him.  Farley let
his artistic license masquerade as fact and his credibility has suffered for


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Chris Campbell wrote:

>>"Derkits, Gustav E, JR (Gus)" wrote:

>> 1. Farley Mowat spent a lot of time observing wolves hunt mice.

>Of course, Mowat's also a hack, having made up much of his so-called
>"research" and stealing much of it from other researchers.  Murie and
>Mech have observed the same behaviors in wolves, however.  Mice are
>apparently a staple during the summer months.

So what is the point of your negative comment on Mowat?

cheers, martin