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Farley Mowat

This is off topic so I'll keep it brief: as a Canadian I must say I am
surprised to learn that Farley Mowat is the object of "scorn and ridicule"
here.  Mowat is in fact highly regarded as a writer (he never really
claimed to be an academic scientist) and his book "Sea of Slaughter" is
still viewed as one of the best on the mismanagement and decline of the
Atlantic marine ecosystem.  He is the winner of numerous awards for his
writing, and I would say is one of the best-known (and most popular)
writers in the country.  When he appeared at the 1998 International
Festival of Authors in Toronto last year, the Festival web site noted that
"The San Francisco Examiner calls Canadian writer Farley Mowat ?the master
storyteller.? His exhaustive research and prolific writing have broadened
readers? conceptions of the Arctic and its people for decades. Mowat has
written more than 30 books and sold over 14 million copies worldwide."

I should mention that I have not read many of his books myself, only met
him once almost 40 years ago, and am not biased by the fact that we share
the same publisher!
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