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Dino Classification Made Simple

Hi folks...

I know I've belabored this subject long enough, but after speaking with
some friends and professors here, I've decided that a simplistic
classification system, for the general viewer, would be best when I
create my web page for all confirmed Dinosaur species.

In other words, rather than worrying about subclasses, infraorders, what
class goes under what class, and so on, I thought I would perform a very
simple classification method that would give a new comer to Dinosaurs a
general idea of where a species might fit.  A possibility would be, for

            specific families
            specific families
            specific families
        Uncertain Placement

...and so on.  as I said, I know that this method would be far from
accurate, but it would be enough to give the average person (what my
site is geared for) a general understanding, and this would indeed be
stated on the site.  I would then have links to more accurate, in depth
sites for those who would like to learn more.

Anyway, any thoughts or comments?  Things like, "Way to go!" or "Get

Thanks, and have a great week...!

John M. Dollan
Graduate Assistant-Residence Life
Montana State University-Northern
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